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A3.1.-Types of docugames

A3.2.-Benefits for the student

A3.3.-Index of competitions

A3.4. Statistical table of documentaries in each course

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


A3.1.-Types of docugames

a) .- There are three types of docugames. All three are based on these nine game formulas: 1course / 2Words / 3Sylables / 4Lines / 5 Own names / 6Images / 7Videos / 8Audios / 9Data. The first four are already in operation. It is enough to have an open text file and mark one of the first four formulas to bring up a docupiece prepared as a docugame suitable for playing either as a docutest, as a docucompetition or as a doculeague.

a1 Docutests:.- These are individual docugames or tests carried out by each student as entertainment, self-test or self-control. To this end, in all the courses a list of nine multimedia docugames appears, applicable to downloaded files, although at the moment only those applicable to text files work, the others are in development.

a2.-DocuCompetitions: The documentations are organized by students of the same or related courses. (See B2.Collaborations, B2.2. V))

a3.-Doculeagues: The doculeagues will be organized by Docuplay, as also explained in the tutorial script. (See B2.Collaborations, B2.2. V))

b) Rankings. The docugame competition sub-service has three rankings, which, like all rankings and schedules, can be consulted at any time by all those subscribed in the course. Their titles are: 1. Their participation in docugames, ranking; 2. Your score in docugames, ranking; 3. Docugames competed in this course, ranking.

c) Medallero. Docuplay will detail the prizes attached to the medallero and its winners. The medallero is made up of five documedallas: docuplatino, docupaladio, docuoro, docuplata and docubronce; The attached bonuses, preferably monetary and financed by sponsors, will be announced in each case.

d) Call and participation. On the call and participation in docucompetitions and doculeagues, see resource B2.Colaboraciones, B2.2. V) (for students to inscribe docucompetitions and for Docuplay to register doculeagues).

And see below 3.4. Statistical table of docugames in each course.

A3.2.-Benefits for the student

a) Benefits of the gamification of the contents

The gamification or ludification, defined as the application to non-playful matters and activities of the dynamics and mechanics of the game, is acquiring an important boom thanks to the Internet, as evidenced by the numerous reports on the double-digit percentage of its annual growth. To distinguish it from gambling, betting or gambling for money. also very developed on the Internet, this kind of game is often called `informal game '(informal game).

The degree of gamification of Docuplay, with its categories of docutests, docucompetitions and doculeagues turns out to be very high. In addition, Docuplay data games and text games are always based on the contents, of any format, of the courses themselves, primarily serving each student as a test of their own performance.

Doculeague can be an effective dissemination factor for Docuplay courses and, consequently, for the recruitment of students and encouragement or motivation for their performance, since they will normally be developed in two complementary phases. On the other hand, the continuous evaluation carried out by the two activity records with the contents and services of the course automatically generated for each student and, on the other, that of face-to-face tests, retransmissible by TV thanks to the new technology that enables all types of televisions to do so and that is why they can even have viewers. These terminals can also be used for each family unit to organize their own competitions and leagues.

b) Competitiveness benefits

The docugames, in their triple level of test, docucompetitions and doculeagues, are means of self-evaluation and hetero-evaluation, encouragement or motivation for the effort and means of teaching delighting, according to the classic Latin motto `docere placendo” (teaching by funning) where the name of Docuplay comes from . Especially the doculeagues, who, through smart mobiles and all television 'digitalized' through a new technology, can do a lot for the promotion, dissemination and use of courses between all social classes and all ages.

Docuplay will also promote collective competitiveness through classifications or rankings (`` superPISAs '') based on statistical means of the student activity records of certain categories of geographical areas (villages, towns, cities, provinces, regions etc.) or of the entities of the sames, licensees by Docuplay (companies and schools).

A3.3.-Index of docugames (*)

2.1. Test and docugames index





Docugames about the Sacred Bible: Find the book

Docugames about the Sacred Bible: Complete the verse

2.2. Doculigas index


Advanced arithmetic


Doculeagues about PROFILE AMERICA (Informative Mode)

Doculeagues about PROFILE AMERICA (TriaPlay)

Mathematical Glossaries

Health Glossaries

Technology Glossaries

Glossaries of natural sciences

Country Profile

World Leader

Maps Game

Flags Game

Country Comparisons

A3.4. Statistical table of docugames in each course

1.Docujtests jugados

2.Docutests points

3.Docugames played

4.Docucompetitions registered

5.Docucompetitions points

6.Doculeagues played

7.Doculeagues points

Alu1 (9)













Alu3 (17)



Alu4 (7)









Alu5 (122)






Alu7 (3)












Alu9 (305)






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



A3.1.-Why are games in Docuplay one of its five main services?

A3.2.-What is the main feature of documentaries?

A3.3.-What benefits will students obtain by practicing the three modalities of documentaries?

A3.4.-What are the available documentaries in each course?


A3.1.-Why are games in Docuplay one of its five main services?

The games (docugames) are one of its five essential services, the competitive one, in Docuplay, because they serve as a control of learning and encouragement and motivation for study.

A3.2.-What is the main feature of docugames?

The main feature of the docugames is that they use as content the content in their different formats of the course itself.

A3.3.-What benefits will students obtain by practicing the three modalities of docugames?

With the individual docugames or docutests, the student has a permanent test at their disposal to control and boost their learning and self-motivation. With the docucompetiios the students of each course have a means to rival each other by promoting their motivation and effort. With the female students they have a more powerful factor to boost their motivation and effort, since only students with better activity records can be selected to participate in them.

A3.4.-What are the available docugames in each course?

In each course, the student will have these ten types of documentaries: 1 courses / 2 Words / 3 Syllables / 4 Lines / 5 Own names / 6 Images / 7 Videos / 8 Audio / 9 Data. At the moment only some work (2, 3, 4…), while the rest is in development. To play with the three types in operation, just press its name with a text file open.